Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse was founded as a result of personal struggles and tragedy due to the abuse of and addiction to prescription medications.

The founders all share a common bond, each has had a family member ensnared in the downward spiral of prescription drug abuse or addiction.  Tragically, Janet Janes lost her son to this increasingly common and dangerous affliction. Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, saw her son’s life careen out of control as prescription drug abuse and addiction overcame his otherwise “normal” existence.

In early 2009, Mary Bono Mack, and her son, Chesare, shared their story with the public and revealed how addiction to the powerful pain medication, Oxycontin, impacted not only Chesare, but also their entire family.  As someone who had witnessed addiction in her family previously, Bono Mack understood that her son had a genetic predisposition to addiction and treatment was critically important to literally save her son's life.  Their story has a positive outcome as Chesare, with the support of family and friends, sought and received treatment that has helped him remain in recovery since 2007.  However, Chesare and his mother understand that this is a life-long struggle, and the dangers of abuse and addiction are a constant threat each and every day.  Determined to help others deal with this relentless scourge, Congresswoman Bono Mack told PEOPLE Magazine that "I plan to continue to raise the profile of the issue on Capitol Hill."

In January 2011,  Janet Janes, wrote about the devastating loss of her son, Christopher, who died tragically at 19 from an overdose of Methadone, a prescription pain medication.  Janet expressed her strong desire to reach out to others and speak about the dangers of these potentially deadly medications.  Unlike the specter of addiction that Mary had struggled with, Christopher was not addicted at the time of his death in April of 2010.  Christopher was a typical teen, experimenting with what he perhaps thought was a "safer" way to get high than by using illegal drugs.  Janet contacted the local news media and courageously told her story about the devastating outcome of experimentation in contrast to addiction.  Working with television news anchor Karen Devine, Janet made a connection with Mary and another mother.

Now there are three mothers united; three different stories - one mission.  They all want to make a difference.  They all want to prevent others from feeling the pain and potential loss of a loved one to prescription drugs.

Their desire, commitment and passion for this cause was the motivation that brought them together.  They share a bond that was solidified when they met to discuss how they may best put their desires into action.  At that meeting, on February 4, 2011, in Palm Desert, California, Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse was formed, and on March 15, 2011, incorporated.











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