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This page could save your child's life.  It was created to help you educate yourself on the facts of prescription drugs and their abuse potential. The curiosity of experimenting with these drugs is widespread, all teens are at risk. Therefore, we encourage you to know the signs, symptoms and types of drugs that are commonly abused and the risks associated.

It is important to know that accidental overdose can be prevented if you know what to look for. The symptoms of prescription drug overdose can look like those of being under the influence of alcohol, but may be much more life threatening. Sleeping it the wrong approach when it comes to some prescription drugs - your child may not wake up!  Knowing what to look for is so critical, you never know when your child may have given in to peer pressure or curiosity. We recommend that you be prepared to save your child's life by viewing our overdose page. You will learn the signs of an overdose and how to get help when someone is overdosing.

Prescription drugs are being abused by many teens who would perhaps not try illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine. If offered a pill at a party or social setting, they are more likely to say "YES" because of this misconception: " THEY ARE PRESCRIBED BY A DOCTOR". . . leaving the teen to think they are a safe way to get high. This is why too many young people are dying!


An Innocent Night - A music video re-enacting my son's last night alive

I have received feed-back from students that this video had a profound impact on them. The video is a re-enactment of my son Christopher Straughan's last night alive. The song "Play Crack the Sky" by Brand New is filled with metaphors that depict his last hours on earth. The last text on Chris's cell phone was shortly after 4 am. The lyrics lament his body's struggle to keep breathing like the vessel's struggle to stay afloat in the 100 foot rogue waves, and so on...Thank you to Emily Richardson, her family and friends who did an excellent job in the making of this video.


This is a must see documentary on how prescription drug abuse affects our teenagers.  It covers personal stories by parents who have lost a child and teenagers who describe their struggles with addiction to prescription drugs.

Learn how to save a life, what to look for, and how to get help.

Dr. Drew's Advice On Teens, Drugs And Alcohol
Drew Pinsky (Addictionologist) gives expert video advice on: What's the most dangerous drug that teens use?; How can a parent stop their child or teen from using drugs?;

Parents: Toll Free Help Line
Here is the link for toll free helpline!

Signs and Symptoms of Abuse
Learn how to tell the signs of Opiate, Depressant or Stimulant abuse.

Three Classes of Drugs Most Commonly Abused
Learn the facts in this report from The National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Two PowerPoint presentations from CADCA
1st presentation - Rx Abuse 2nd presentation- Cough medicine abuse

What Can Parents Do?
Information written by the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse.

Parents: Know when to act
If you suspect or know your child is using drugs or alcohol, it is important to take action right away. You have already taken an important step by visiting this website to learn more.

Parents360 - Parents: You Matter
Parents360 (Parents: You Matter) is a community education program that engages parents through a presentation called Parents: You Matter. The presentation provides parents and other caring adults with valuable insights as to why kids use, how parents can start the dialogue about the dangers of substance abuse with their kids and what steps to take if they suspect or know their child is using. Once on the webpage, click on Parents360

Girl Scout Gold Award Project by Anastasia Weston
Excellent presentation discussing the dangers and consequences of prescription drug abuse with parental tips and emotional testimonies

Is This Where Your Teen Goes To Get High?
Informative resource from the FDA U.S Food and Drug Administration

Documentary from NCAPDA
Presented by The National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse. This 30 minute documentary is recommended for viewing by parents and teens.

A Mother's Poem
In her own words after the loss of her son, a mother writes an accurate picture of the devastation of Oxycontin and the path of destruction it can take.

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