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Dear Teachers and Students,


My name is Janet Janes. I am one of the co-founders of MAPDA, Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse. My son, Christopher, died of an overdose from methadone. He was only 19 years old. He was just experimenting with pills. He thought they were safe, he thought he knew better not to mess around with heroin or cocaine, he thought if they were legal and that if he only took the amount prescribed on the bottle it should be safe. He was wrong. He made a mistake and it took his life. I wish it were possible to sit with each of your students personally so they could see the pain in my eyes. I wish there were some magical words I could say to them that would make them think twice before experimenting with pills. At the very least remind them that their lives are far more fragile than then they can possibly imagine.


Christopher was not addicted to pills he was just experimenting.  I encourage you to have your students read my story and watch the video about Chris as the more personal it is to them, the dangers may seem more real and believable.


 It always starts out innocent. No one thinks they will die or become addicted. The video entitled “An Innocent Night” is a reenactment of Christopher’s last night on earth. I will miss him each and every day of my life, as does every parent who loses a child.




Below you will find an assortment of Curriculum. We have worked hard to take the sometimes daunting and time consuming task of finding different videos and curriculum and put them all in one place for you to choose from. Please email with any comments or if you have something that could be added to our page.

An Innocent Night - A music video re-enacting my son's last night alive
I have received feed-back from students that this video had a profound impact on them. The video is a re-enactment of my son Christopher Straughan's last night alive. The song "Play Crack the Sky" by Brand New is filled with metaphors that depict his last hours on earth. The last text on Chris's cell phone was shortly after 4 am. The lyrics lament his body's struggle to keep breathing like the vessel's struggle to stay afloat in the 100 foot rogue waves, and so on...Thank you to Emily Richardson, her family and friends who did an excellent job in the making of this video.


This is a must see documentary on how prescription drug abuse affects our teenagers.  It covers personal stories by parents who have lost a child and teenagers who describe their struggles with addiction to prescription drugs.

Overtaken - Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Overtaken - Student Response

Overtaken - Student Response Day 2

Overtaken - Brainstorming

Overtaken - Brainstorming Worksheet

Overtaken - Student Pledge

Overtaken - Student Pledge

Overdose: How to recognize
It's important for everyone to know the symptoms of an overdose. It could save a life. This is a one page document in word format that can be printed and distributed to the class or discussed.

RX for Understanding Grades 5 - 8
Rx for Understanding contains five sequenced lessons geared for grades 5 – 6 and five sequenced lessons geared for grades 7– 8. Each set of sequenced lessons acts as a mini-unit. Each grade level based mini-unit focuses on the same five lesson themes.

Dr. Drew Pinsky Video Series about Prescription Drug Abuse
This is a series of videos with Dr. Drew interacting with High School Students about the dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse. Unfortunately the videos in the link are not in full screen size, but still could be used in a classroom setting. Although the video is small what Dr. Drew is saying is very engaging. The website Smart Moves, Smart Choices has a School Tool Kit with the video included that can be ordered.

NIDA Video on Addiction
This is a short video presentation by NIDA, 2 minutes in length, about how anyone can become addicted. Adobe Flash Player Required.

NIDA Lesson Plan on Effects of Drugs on the Brain
Offers an interactive science education program for students in grades 6–9 about the brain and the effects of drugs on the body. Includes six modules, a teacher’s guide and a parent newsletter that can be downloaded in pdf. format. You can also order a CD-Rom from this website.

NIDA for Teens - Classroom Activities
Use the animated illustrations, quizzes, activities and games to test your students’ knowledge, clarify concepts, and make learning fun through interaction.

NIDA for Teens - Prescription Drugs
This link take you to a page about the facts of Prescription Drug Abuse. It provides important questions to help open dialog and give descriptive answers. The link below contains a quiz to give to students after your have reviewed this topic.

NIDA for Teens - Prescription Drug Abuse
Student Quiz: Once your students have reviewed the information on the link above about Prescription Drug Abuse, you can use the quiz below to test their knowledge.

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